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Falkland flux towers pioneer emissions monitoring for peatland restoration

UKCEH deploys four flux towers in the Falkland Islands to measure carbon emissions, aiding peatland restoration for climate benefits,. Read more

EU truck CO2 law could be blocked over fuel loophole dispute

The German Transport Ministry's surprise U-turn jeopardises EU truck climate targets as FDP seeks loophole for e-fuels and palm oil.

Are new greenhouse gas cuts too soft on the EU’s farmers?

The European Commission suggests a 90% cut in EU greenhouse gas emissions by 2040; however, weakened regulations for agriculture raise. Read more

Mercury pollution surge linked to global deforestation, says MIT

Around 10% of annual human-made mercury emissions are caused by deforestation, a figure which could escalate unless urgent action is. Read more

EU urged to rethink agricultural impact metrics beyond PEF

IFOAM Organics Europe have criticised the EU's PEF method, urging for more comprehensive metrics for agricultural impact on the. Read more

How optimising shipping routes will improve efficiency and emissions control

A strategic approach to ship fleet planning will be crucial for competitiveness and compliance with new EU regulations, says Lloyd’s. Read more