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Mercury pollution surge linked to global deforestation, says MIT

Around 10% of annual human-made mercury emissions are caused by deforestation, a figure which could escalate unless urgent action is. Read more

EU urged to rethink agricultural impact metrics beyond PEF

IFOAM Organics Europe have criticised the EU's PEF method, urging for more comprehensive metrics for agricultural impact on the. Read more

The crucial role of waste in the transition to electric vehicles

Limited availability of critical materials is making resource recovery ever more important to a successful switch to low-carbon. Read more

Radar satellite data a “big step forward” for peatland health monitoring

Satellite-derived soil moisture and water table dynamics are helping scientists to monitor peatlands in various conditions in efforts. Read more

A recipe for resilience

How manufactured soils are transforming urban green infrastructure

The rothamsted experience

New approaches to soil monitoring are building on a historic legacy


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