Scientists unlock climate history with expedition near Hawai’i

International researchers, including BGS geoscientists, have extracted a comprehensive record of sea-level changes from fossilised coral off the coast of Hawai’i.


Defra's new environmental land management schemes shaped by expert evidence

Defra releases reports by 45 experts on land management actions, guiding the creation of England's Environmental Land Management schemes, focusing on environmental and climate benefits.

Provisional agreement on stricter air quality standards to empower citizens

Proposed EU air quality rules grant citizens compensation rights for health damage caused by intentional or negligent violations—paving the way for accountability.

Global leaders pledge action on COP28 energy targets at IEA event

World leaders discuss crucial steps to achieve COP28 energy goals at the IEA’s roundtable event, including finance for clean energy transitions and enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

EEB condemns European Industrial Deal that prioritises profit over health

Belgium hosts an industry summit to shape the "Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal," drawing criticism from the EEB for rewarding polluting corporations.

Climate neutrality to be achieved by 2050 with new EU framework

The EU achieves a historic provisional agreement to establish the first certification framework for carbon removals, marking a crucial step toward achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

EU's water resilience initiative delay raises concerns over climate impact

The postponement of the EU's Water Resilience Initiative sparks fears of worsening climate effects, risking harm to citizens, farmers, and nature.

New rules to tackle textile and food waste in Europe

The European Parliament's Environment Committee supports ambitious revisions to the Waste Framework Directive, aiming for enhanced reduction targets and extended producer responsibility to combat textile and food waste.

Falkland flux towers pioneer emissions monitoring for peatland restoration

UKCEH deploys four flux towers in the Falkland Islands to measure carbon emissions, aiding peatland restoration for climate benefits, wildlife conservation, and potential carbon trading.

Europe’s hydrogen plans face hurdles, warns report

The EU's push for hydrogen faces challenges as a new study reveals most export countries are ill-prepared, with just 1% of planned green hydrogen production financed.

New tool that detects pollutants in corals has revealed historic contamination patterns

UCL scientists have discovered previously ingested fossil fuel particles in corals, providing a new way to measure and date atmospheric pollutants from as early as 1969.

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